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An Experienced Consulting Forensic Psychologist

Learn more about the areas of professional expertise of Dr. Heller, consulting forensic psychologist.

When you need the expertise of a professional consulting forensic psychologist, turn to Dr. Heller and the Heller Consulting Group Inc. We have experience providing psychological assessments for both civil and criminal legal matters. We work with legal professionals to deliver our psychological services and focus on delivering metric and scientific-based evaluations for our clients. Contact us to learn more about the services we have to offer or to discuss your case with our NYC-based forensic phycologist.

Providing Support for Civil Litigation


Turn to us when you need personal injury litigation evaluations for either the plaintiff or the defense. We have extensive experience delivering forensic services for civil matters and will work to provide the in-depth information you require. We use interviews, collateral interviews, data collection, record reviews, and psychological tests to determine the emotional and mental symptoms related to post-traumatic stress reported by the plaintiffs. We can also use these methods to assess whether a plaintiff may by minimizing, suppressing, or exaggerating symptoms of PTSD or other emotional reactions. Additionally, we can act as an expert witness to deliver our reports in court to help your case. 

Extensive Case Experience


As a consulting forensic psychologist, we have worked on a number of cases that cover a range of topics and issues. Some of these include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and stress reactions.
  • Emotional pain suffered by people with disabilities, intellectual retardation, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, brain injury/trauma, and Asperger's disorder.
  • Injured child assessments.
  • Children who have been burned, bitten, or injured by animals, sexually abused, emotionally abused, or neglected in foster homes, hospitals, group homes, or other settings (e.g., a neighbor's home, children's camps, school buses, classrooms).
  • Assessment of children and adults who do not show obvious signs of post-traumatic stress or effects related to trauma due to cultural/family taboos (e.g., Punjab culture, Native American culture, suppressive family rules) about showing or talking about the trauma; or due to developmental/autism spectrum disorders, brain injuries, or verbal expression problems.
  • Foster care (standards), group homes (standards), institutional care for intellectually retarded/developmentally disabled (standards regarding level of supervision required, and pain and suffering), psychological care (standards), and assessment of evidence-based treatment.
  • Malpractice/ethical issues of behavioral health providers/institutional staff.
  • Psychological, psychiatric, and alcoholism treatment record reviews (inpatient and outpatient).
  • Inappropriate psychiatric hospitalization and negligent child welfare agency performance and care.
  • Alcoholism and other drug abuse problems, including accidental death caused by alcohol and other drug abuse, as well as addictions to prescription pain medication, Adderall, and other substances.
  • Personal injury, sexual harassment, emotional pain, long-term effects, long-term psychological treatment plans, and estimation of costs.
  • Symptoms and signs of child sexual abuse.
  • Children with special needs (psychological, educational) and learning disabilities.
  • The effects of bullying; school and agency responses to bullying; and inappropriate handling of school issues by schoolteachers, guidance staff, and school principals.
  • Suicide, homicide, psychological autopsy, crime victims, accidental death, and liability.
  • Work-related Injuries (emotional and trauma assessments).
  • Case and trial consultations to legal teams regarding psychological/emotional aspects and analysis of pertinent psychological issues of a case.
  • Assessment of emotional pain to the victim or plaintiff's significant others/family.
  • Eating disorders, sexual addictions, gambling addictions, and other compulsive disorders (treatment of, effects of).
  • Native American issues (alcoholism, inter-generational post-traumatic stress, cross-cultural psychology, domestic violence, adoption issues, criminal involvement, pain and suffering).
  • Postpartum depression.
  • Police officers and stress; critical incident stress.
  • Pain and suffering caused by false arrests or inappropriate police/security guard behavior.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and alcoholism/drug/psychiatric claims.
  • Independent medical examinations related to accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and other accidents.


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